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C4 Controller


Model C Controller

Sigma Systems offers two controllers that share a simple concept. Be easy to use, have the features users need, be accurate, and be reliable. Sigma controllers are designed for constant and continuous use in industrial environments. Switches are strong, displays bright and uniform, keys are sealed and reliable with tactile feedback you can feel, even with gloves on. Sigma controllers use PWM proportional output for precise control and zero crossing switching to eliminate electrical noise.

Our single set point, Model C, controller is the essence of simplicity and ease of use. Just set it and run. Designed for accuracy, this controller uses 500 ohm Pt RTDs exclusively.

Our programmable (Model C4) controller features a full keypad, bright display, RS-232 and IEEE-488 remote control, productivity enhancing features such as Touch 'n Go and T-Drive, multiple program memory, and front panel programming. The native IEEE-488 port is fast and reliable. The RS-232 port will operate at up to 38.4K baud.

Either controller can be used with either an analog or digital precision failsafe for critical or unattended tests.

What Makes Sigma Controllers Better?

Sigma uses only proprietary controllers. Controllers built into thermal devices can be subjected to substantial stress. Furthermore, the constant adjusting, starting, and stopping can be hard on setpoint switches and programming keypads. Sigma controllers use high quality components and construction to tolerate hard industrial usage.

Sigma C4 controllers feature a native IEEE-488 GPIB port.  Native means that the C4 does not need an adapter to enable GPIB use.  The GPIB is built into the controller and connected directly to the processor bus.  The result is a GPIB interface that does exactly as you expect, very quickly, without hassles, every time.

Sigma controllers use robust industrial switches and sealed keypad assemblies rated for millions of operations. The display in Sigma controllers is built with matched sets of LED displays that last almost indefinitely. PC boards and components in Sigma controllers are of the finest quality. Each Sigma controller is built by hand, burned in and thoroughly tested, then calibrated before being released for shipping or inclusion in a chamber or platform.

Repeatability is an essential part of reliable performance. The quality built into Sigma controllers assures that a test run yesterday can be reliably repeated today. Sigma uses only precision NIST traceable probes to assure accuracy essential to repeatability.

Sigma controllers are built only for controlling thermal environment devices such as temperature chambers and thermal platforms.  Unlike the myriad of general purpose controllers and their somewhat specific purpose off-spring, these controllers do only and exactly what you need.  There are no extraneous settings, or menu choices, for you to deal with.  Every interaction you will have with a Sigma controller is related exclusively to controlling the thermal performance of your Sigma temperature chamber or thermal platform.

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